“It’s sarcastic and splatterific, and the author demonstrates walking-dead cred on every page. Even the happy endings are weird as hell.”

Gregory Burkart . | . fearnet.com . | . read the full review

“I found myself eagerly flipping back to try out different plotlines — at first to see if I could survive, then to root out some of the book’s more bizarre twists and turns.”

Lauren Davis . | . io9.com . | . read the full review

“A pointed parody of the old CHOOSE books, but it’s more than just that. If you unscrambled its pieces and strung some together in linear form, you’d still have something worth reading, because Youngmark’s chosen his words wisely:
They go directly for the funny bone.”

Rod Lott . | . bookgasm.com . | . read the full review

“It’s nice to have someone give the idea of zombie as a serious metaphor a quick boot to the teeth and have some fun.”

Matt Barham . | . Game Trade Magazine . | . read the full review

“If no-win (well, almost always no-win) scenarios and zombies are what you crave, look no further than to Zombocalypse Now to satiate your hunger.”

Eve Conte . | . tor.com . | . read the full review

“You meet many insane characters, both alive and undead, and die a lot. A whole lot. But that’s part of the fun. Certainly worth checking out — five stars!”

J.A. Konrath . | . author, Whiskey Sour . | . read the full review

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